Terina was so much fun to work with and I was very impressed with her caring attitude. Her ideas for using space efficiently and creatively were awesome.



Calling Terina was the best thing I have done for myself in years. I had recently retired and the depression problem I was having was getting worse and worse. I had two back bedrooms and my family-room full of things still unpacked from 3 years ago. Also my Sister had give me some fun furniture to put in my home that was mixed with all of that. I really did not even want to get out of bed in the mornings. I really needed someone to work with me to get things in control and organized. When I looked up organizers on-line I saw Terina's picture there among several others but I kept coming back to her. There was something special I saw in that face!! I could see compassion and caring and I just knew she was the one who could help me. And help me she did! Terina really cares about helping make peoples lives better. She moves so quickly but is there to talk to you about what is going on ...she always finds time to share with you. Terina really knows what she is doing and how to help you move forward. Because of Terina my home makes me happy again and for the first in about 3 years I opened my home up and had friends over for a dinner party. I consider Terina a good friend now and she knows my home is always open to her. Thanks so much Terina!!



I had the pleasure of working with Terina on organizing my bedroom & garage and she did not disappoint. Since the organization has been complete, I have more free time to do things I enjoy rather than looking at 14 years of clutter. I am even able to go on 3 vacations and leave without the guilt of a disarray left behind. From start to finish, Terina walked me through her process and asked specific questions to make sure I understood the concept of getting organized and staying organized. Specifically, I appreciated her keeping me focused on the task at hand without becoming too overwhelmed as she was explaining the process to make sure it was delivering to my needs. She was respectful of my things and that spoke volumes. Not only would I recommend Terina’s services to anyone needing organization, I will be using her again.

                                                                                                    ~Lisa Martin


Thank you so much for helping my son. He has been very positive, upbeat and productive this week because of your counsel, direction and understanding. He really enjoyed working with you-he feels like you "get it". Thank you so very much.                                                                                  



As part of my New Year's Resolution to get more organized, I contacted Terina at Clutter Cutters for assistance in decluttering a craft cupboard and a fairly large storage closet in my small apartment. Three years ago, I moved from a 2200 square foot home into a four-room apartment. Since my move, it has become a challenge to store my craft and sewing supplies so that I could efficiently access and use them. The art of finding a specific item was often a long and diligent process which involved spreading boxes and bins of items all over my small home. I felt like my house was usually a mess and I was becoming disgusted with my organizing abilities.


At Terina's first visit, we assessed my storage practices. During this free session, she presented many ideas for revamping my spaces. I was very inspired. I wanted to begin using her methods immediately. By simply collecting my camping supplies into one space and books into another specific space, I found that I could make better decisions on keeping and storing my belongings so that they would be more available for use when I wanted them. I sorted and folded my extensive fabric collection with one goal in mind: "What brings me joy?"  I donated many usable items to worthy causes. I found that by going through my collections, I was able to keep only those projects which continue to inspire me and which I truly want to complete.  


Within six weeks, I used her innovative methods to better customize my spaces for the crafts and quilting projects I intend to spend the most time doing. Terina coached me on locating the best storage solutions to set areas up in my home so that every item has a place. She advised me on ways to store my items so that they are both attractive and inspiring. When I go to a closet now, I pull out a few totes and can quickly find everything I need to complete a project in progress or to begin a new one.  When I am done at the end of the day, I can snap on a few lids and everything is ready to put back where it belongs. Instead of spending time searching for supplies, running to stores to buy duplicates because I couldn't locate what was needed, or cleaning up after my search, I am spending my time doing what I most want to do: I am creating.

                                                                                                                                ~Phebe T


Thank Terina for checking-in, I wanted to share with you what the rooms looked like now.  I also am emailing you to let you know how much you have help my thought process. Before you, I felt that I needed to keep everything, and thank you for helping change that. After things calm down around here I would still like for you to help me get rid of my unneeded storage.  Again, thanks for all of your help and if you can send me what these rooms looked like before your great assistance that would be grateful.  I wanted to share with my family and friends the before and after you came into my life.


                                                                                                                              ~Tan S.

Hello Terina,
My aunt passed away last week and I was in charge of handling her apartment today. I am so thankful for the skills I have learned from you. I put a system in place and was able to execute and delegate tasks in a timely and organized fashion. My cousin called me just now saying how thankful and amazed he was. I told him the credit goes to you. I used your methods! So, thank you again for all you do. Your amazing!

                                                                                                                             ~Anne M.

I have used Terina's professional services two different times. The first time was for a clean out and organization of my mother's garage. There was a large assortment of tools, antique auto parts and junk that had been accumulated for 40 years. Terina and her assistant guided my sister and I through the process of identifying the various items and deciding what to discard, donate and keep. Terina recently helped me clear out my mother's home. Items from every room and closet of her home and garage were evaluated, donated or discarded. My mother had recently passed away and Terina helped me focus on the task at hand as well as offer understanding and support. We were able to accomplish in a week what would have taken me months to do on my own and the remodeling contractor was able to start his work on schedule thanks to Terina. I highly recommend Clutter Cutters for organizing and clearing out excess belongings. 



I have had the pleasure of attending two of Terina's presentations about hoarding disorder. Her ability to teach other Professional Organizers is top notch! I recommend Terina for organizing projects and as a presenter in a heart beat! She is very approachable, empathetic, experienced & an amazing teacher!

                                                                                                                   ~Jamie B Bourne, Bourne General Contracting, LLC


My coaching calls with Terina have not only impacted my business, but my life. I came to her tired, weary, overwhelmed, overworked, and in need of a little direction to get back to my roots (my morals and values). Amongst the business of life and the mindset that “survival mode” was the only mode day-to-day, Terina helped me change my perspective. She helped me learn mindfulness in each moment and imparted the perspective of being curious about my habitual behaviors and self, instead of condemning myself and falling into easy routines of negative self-talk. No negative self-talk is allowed with Terina and that’s why I adore her. She’s an advocate for her clients and wants to see them joyful, healthy, and successful. Terina goes to the depths with her clients, and rejoices with them in their triumphs.


In my coaching calls with Terina, she first helped me identify my morals and values. Helping me define these gave me an inner compass that only I could conger up; tailored to what was innately important to me. This compass gave me the grounding to identify behaviors, self-talk, habits, and past routines that weren’t working for me, and helped me identify things that do. Terina knows the art of communication… listening. She is one of the best listeners I’ve ever met. Her cutting, penetrating, and beautiful one-liners (she would always leave a coaching call with one!) deeply resonated with me, and made me reflect inwardly about the type of woman I want to become, but most importantly, knowing that who I am right now, in this present moment… is enough for today.


Through her facilitation of meditation, deep-breathing exercises, accountability to my goals, and helping me project a picture of my best self, Terina’s coaching calls have changed me for the better. I’ve learned, grown, reflected, meditated, and changed deep-rooted thoughts that weren’t helping me live into my best self now. Terina is real, compassionate, empathetic, kind, unassuming, unpretentious, loyal, and true; a realist, optimist, an advocate, and true professional amongst the hobbyists                             ~ Erica

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