What happens when we spend years accumulating things, without ever editing down our possessions? Maybe you have a difficult time resisting the siren song of yard sales and antique malls. Or perhaps after Moving several times, you kept the old pieces you replaced in your new home. And sometimes, you just are not sure what to part with, and which to save, packing your closets, basements, and garages with “just in case” items.


My task as Professional Organizer is to help with the enormous task of decluttering, sifting through what you own. Together we develop the criteria for what you keep, toss, or donate. Once we determine what you are keeping, we develop a unique system for organizing storage in your home.


I design and place attractive storage containers, while advising you on the best strategies for streamlining your closet or basement. Something as simple as a shoe rack clears precious floor space, while bringing what you own back in sight. With labeling and positioning, you will now be able to see what you own and where it is located in your storage space.