“I don't know where to start to organize my house,” is a statement I am familiar with. It is not uncommon for people to suddenly find themselves living in clutter, after spending years acquiring possessions, without getting rid of others. I am prepared to organize a room, or specific spaces, to help you reclaim your home.

Have you fallen behind on important tasks due to a hectic office? As a Certified Professional Organizer®, I know how to rethink your space and create order out of chaos. 

The kitchen is often the heart of the home. Through decluttering, I can help you organize your kitchen into a beautiful, functional, and livable space again.

Has your bedroom become a makeshift landing zone for the family’s laundry, your spouse’s coin collection, and your children’s play area? Let us assist you in decluttering your bedroom and return your room to its original purpose.

Whether you paint, sew, knit, or scrapbook, I offer creative organizing ideas to arrange your materials.

Together we develop the criteria for what you keep, toss, or donate. Once we determine what you are keeping, we develop a unique system for organizing storage in your home.

By decluttering first, you significantly reduce the amount of time and cost of packing.

I, Terina Bainter, am an advocate for those with hoarding tendencies and their families.

We will channel the positive attributes ADD/ADHD typically lends, including high energy, creativity, and flexibility, into creating a system of organization that works for you.