We are taught how to read, write, and do math in school, but we are NEVER taught how to manage or process paperwork! ANYWHERE!  Yet, this life skill is used and affects us daily, not only at home but in the workplace!! 


Something just seems wrong with this picture!  Paper management affects everything from our credit score, the ability to buy a car or house, filing taxes, and paying our bills on time; just to name a few.  

These skills are all attainable, and they are my favorite things to teach!  We seldom think about the amount of self-criticism created when we can not find what we need.  We frequently belittle ourselves when we have a late fee, misplaced something or lose track of things. Did you know that financial stress contributes to 80% of divorces? It’s a serious issue, and you’re not alone.

Having your papers in order will change your life by increasing your confidence, reducing your stress, allowing enjoyable visits with family and friends in your home, creating the legacy you desire, and  achieve financial stability.


No more frantically searching for a specific but lost piece of paper. This course teaches you how to create personalized systems so that you can process, organize, and manage paper, instead of  letting the paper manage you. You will learn how to become proactive vs reactionary in your paper management.  

GET STARTED TODAY:   You are 100% worth it and can do it! 

Step 1: Desire a change 

Step 2: Choose a course or group that is right for you

Step 3: Achieve peace of mind knowing your papers are in order


 Having encouragement, support, and education are the key ingredients in success.

Let’s do this!           

                                                                           Positively Passionate about Paper,



Pruning the Paper

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"I have to say that going through the Paper Pruning course really helped me with managing all the paper and with keeping my files up to date. Handling the mail as it comes through the door is brilliant!!  I can actually see the top of my desk now. Terina made the sessions on Zoom easy to follow and I felt very comfortable speaking up with questions.    I highly recommend the class.  Two Thumbs Up

Thank you Terina"

Kate A.

Heading 6