Terina Bainter

  Speaker | Presenter


Creating an environment of understanding around hoarding is essential in being able to help those affected by it be able to overcome their challenging situation. Terina's expertise and first hand experience with hoarding disorder, along with her compassion and interpersonal skills make her presentations on hoarding engaging and memorable. 


Each presentation leaves her audience educated, refreshed, and ready to use their new skills. 

Penny Hobson from the Elder Crimes Unit of the Seattle Police Department expressed her appreciation for Terina's presentation in this letter.


As a Certified Professional Organizer® and owner of a professional organizing business, Clutter Cutters, LLC., Terina uses her natural affinity for organizing to inspire others to take the leap to create order out of chaos. Terina helps empowers individuals to know which practical steps to take in the organizing journey, specializing in kitchen, office, storage, and garage organization.  Her no-nonsense, yet compassionate approach make her presentations relatable and inspiring.


Terina has been a long trusted source on Organization and Hoarding, due to her education and previous experience presenting at educational conferences. Learn more About Terina or Contact Us to schedule a presentation.