Craft Rooms


A craft room creates a center for your creative hobby, putting everything you need in one, coherently organized place. By organizing a room that aligns with your project’s needs, you no longer need to go searching for the missing pair of scissors, or waste money repurchasing lost materials.


Whether you paint, sew, knit, or scrapbook, I offer creative organizing ideas to arrange your materials. I design storage containers that match your home’s existing aesthetic, while increasing the functionality of your work space. See the Before and After page for examples of how a Professional Organizer can give you a Craft Room custom-made for your individual needs.




Any scrapbooker knows that an old magazine, buttons, or ribbon can serve as decorative elements. The challenge is arranging a motley assortment of items so that they are easily accessible when you are ready to use them. I help you organize your paper, glue, inks, pens, and other materials nearby in either attractive display schemes or in storage containers.




I lost my mother 10 years ago, and still wish I had found an opportunity to document not only her collections, but the stories accompanying them. This way the next generation understands the item’s significance in the owner’s own words.