Life and Organizer Coach


Reclaim Control Over Your Life

Do you ever feel like your life is a merry-go-round? You are constantly going in circles, over-extended, over-committed, and over-stressed. And yet, it feels like nothing ever gets done.


The only way to find a calmer life is to take control of it. As a Life and Organizer Coach, I guide clients off the merry-go-round and onto pathways toward happier homes.

The Unique Advantage of a Coach


The sports and business coaches we are familiar with typically train clients by telling them what to do. My approach as a Life and Organizer Coach is different. Instead, I acknowledge that you know yourself best. My expertise is helping you tap into your personal strengths, motivations, and values so that you can learn how to trust yourself to make the changes you need.

A Personal Example

As part of my training in the Coach Approach for Organizers Program, I received coaching for over two years. My coach helped me identify how an element of my home presented an obstacle to our family’s best life. In this case it was a kitchen table.


Years ago we had purchased the table from a family member, and I enjoyed sharing my meals around it with my own children. However, despite my core values of spending quality time with my family, I could not make myself stay seated after dinner! As soon as the last bite was eaten, I felt the impulse to get up and start clearing the table.

In a transformative conversation, my coach pressed me to explore the real motivation behind my eagerness to leave the table: I hated the chairs. They were uncomfortable: hard wood and too big for my short stature.


So why did I still have them? Because I felt compelled to keep something that had been in my family for so long.

After the call, I made the decision myself to get rid of the old set and bring in a new table and cushioned chairs. The result was that I no longer avoided sitting at the table; my family began spending more time together around the new table sharing meals, playing games, and entertaining company.


Working with a coach empowered me to seek the best solution for me and initiate a change in my home without any negative talk or self-judgment.



The Difference in the Life and Organizer Coaching Approach

Nobody else could have told me why my old table was so off-putting for me, nor what I wanted in a new kitchen set. As I learned firsthand from being coached, clients need me to guide but not dictate positive changes.


Meanwhile, the hardest part of making a change can be taking the first step. Your hesitation can be because you are not sure about how to do things differently, or because you are not confident in your ability to do so. In either case, I will support you while teaching you skills so you can make and sustain changes and feel in control of your life again.



I work best with clients who are ready for a change and motivated to take positive steps in doing so. Do not worry if you do not know how or where to start in making these changes – that’s where I come in.


Contact me today at 253.604.4963 to discuss a free meet and greet session, or partnering for a bigger long-term project to clear the clutter in your home or business. You do not have to live on the merry-go-round any longer.