Terina M. Bainter 


About Terina

By the time I was nine years old, I regularly took my tape measure to my room, devising schemes to organize its contents in an arrangement maximizing accessibility, convenience, and space. I fall into the tiny percentage of people born with a natural affinity for organization.


For the first ten years of my professional life, I applied my creative organizing ideas in the banking industry. As an Internal Mortgage Officer, I consistently closed 1.4 million per month thanks to my mastery of organization, time management, and paper management skills.

I transitioned out of banking and to motherhood, before becoming a Professional Organizer. My aunt helped guide me in this direction; after I attacked and decluttered her pantry, she sent me a note thanking me for my assistance, and urging me to investigate making Professional Organizing my career. 

From there, the journey of Professional Organizing has lead me to a fulfilling career of helping others reach their potential. I stand out as the less than 10% organizers who have earned the credential of Certified Professional Organizer®. Since I started my business in 2012, Clutter Cutters has been saving clients money through clever decluttering methods.


Ultimately, my goal is to enhance my clients’ lives by reducing the anxiety, wasted time, and expense of a cluttered environment. Together we will collaborate on regaining control of your home!

Certifications & Volunteer Positions

Clear & Simple

The Clear & Simple Systems of Organizing

I operate according to the Clear and Simple System, working alongside my clients and teaching them the steps to organizing a room and repurposing items.

Learner & Teacher

Well educated and trained, Terina uses her knowledge to inspire others to take action

Real Transformation

Makeovers from clients who have trusted Terina with their home and life

Yes, We Can

From Kitchens, to Garages; from Offices to Closets. Terina transforms your cluttered areas into spaces you're proud to call home.