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"Organizing your home is a challenging and time-consuming project, costing you in terms of time, energy, space, and money. As a Certified Professional Organizer®, I assess the problem and design original systems to get and help keep you organized. My objective is to teach clients how to apply my expertise into sustained order.


What sets me apart from other organizing professionals is my demonstrated ability to revise creative decluttering solutions, and the compassion I have for my clients. Frequently we assign an emotional value to our possessions, which complicate our ability to weed out those items that no longer serve our needs. We spend time acquiring items, but rarely go back to edit. I understand how to help a client sort through and designate items to keep, donate, or trash.


After Decluttering, I implement beautiful, functional, and creative storage solutions. I specialize in Kitchen, Closet, and Office  Organization. I also create spaces devoted to specific areas, such as Craft RoomsScrap Booking, or Sewing. I repurpose available items when applicable, allowing you to display your valued possessions into functional, organized areas once more.


For those preparing for moving, organizing significantly reduces the cost of transporting items. We will assisting you in paring down what you take, while optimizing packing and storage space. Our lives change constantly and our organization systems need to evolve in tandem with these life changes.

 Let's get started. Call me at 253-604-4963 so we can set up your consultation and cut the clutter for good."

Terina M. Bainter   CPO®, COC®, ACC

Certified Professional Organizer®, Certified Organizer Coach®

Owner, Clutter Cutters, LLC.

Licensed, Bonded & Insured

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